We develop a glucose monitoring system for homes with unique sensing technologies.


1. Development of a blood glucose monitoring system for homes

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Tokyo and cooperating hospitals, we develop blood glucose monitoring sensors and easy devices for anyone to use. Today's blood glucose monitoring requires frequent self-blood sampling with a puncture needle and subcutaneous implantation of a sensor needle, which is physically and economically burdensome. By devising new methods of collecting tears, saliva, blood, and biomarkers, we develop the world's first innovative product that is minimally invasive, low-cost, and allows monitoring blood glucose status at a glance.

2. Development of blood glucose monitoring mobile apps for people who are concerned about diabetes or have diabetes

In terms of preventing the onset and progression of diabetes, blood glucose monitoring is meaningful only when it leads to behavioral change and improvement/maintenance of the physical condition. In addition to developing the glucose monitoring device, we are also working with the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Medicine to develop a behavior change application linked to the device. Our goal is to create an application that can be used by people with diabetes and people in the pre-diabetic group.


2012 JST "START" Program (Before the establishment of Provigate)

”Research and development to achieve the practical use of semiconductor-biosensing for non-invasive diagnostic medicine – Efforts to reduce burden of diabetes sufferers by utilizing blood sampling-free glucose sensor“
(Research representative: Toshiya Sakata)

2015 Ichimura Foundation for New Technology

”Development of novel technologies for non-invasive self-care devices to monitor blood glucose level”
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2015 Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Life Science Venture Start-up Support Project"

"Development of non-invasive self-monitoring blood glucose meter for diabetes management and prevention"
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2016 NEDO "STS" Program

"Development of a tear fluid clinical testing platform"
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2018 AMED "Advanced Measurement" Program

”Research and development of motivation-evoking devices to measure blood glucose control indicators”
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Government "R&D Environment Improvement Support Project"

"Development of Diagnostics for Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Using Novel Tear Fluid Biomarkers"
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2019 NEDO "SCA" Program

“Development of motivation-evoking systems to monitor blood glucose level at home”
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)

2020 NEDO "PCA" Program

"Development of an IoT home blood glucose monitoring system"
(Research representative: Koshin Sekimizu)