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Provigate partnered with Japanese clinical testing giant H.U. to develop an innovative blood glucose monitoring service.

Provigate partnered with Japanese clinical testing giant H.U. to develop an innovative blood glucose monitoring service.

Provigate, Inc. and H.U. Group Research Institute G.K. have signed a basic strategic alliance agreement to launch a behavior change support program for people with diabetes. The program aims to help people with diabetes to change their behavior and improve their health outcomes. The two companies are committed to working together to bring this program to the market.

The H.U. Group Research Institute has been providing a number of testing technologies to H.U. Group companies, including SRL Corporation, which is one of the top clinical testing companies in Japan.

The company possesses not only cutting-edge IVD technologies but also provides systems for the digitalization of clinical laboratories and medical information analysis. In addition, the company is focusing on research and development activities to strengthen their POCT products, which provide rapid test results using simple equipment and reagents.

PROVIGATE is a start-up company that develops and delivers “Glucoreview®”, a blood glucose improvement program. The program consists of weekly average blood glucose monitoring with glycated albumin (Post-in or Point-of-Care Testing) and a behavior change empowerment app. In addition to measuring blood glucose, Provigate aims to demonstrate the value of improving blood glucose levels and of tele-monitoring by medical professionals.

PROVIGATE is developing more user-friendly program working with glycated albumin, including a non-invasive saliva test as well as a blood test. POCT is also under development to enable home testing. A Phase 2 clinical study with post-in testing has been completed successfully.

PROVIGATE and H.U. Group Research Institute aim to contribute to the management and the condition of people with diabetes, an international medical issue.

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People may think of glucose monitoring as simple as this: "Diabetes is a disease of blood sugar. This is why people with diabetes use glucometer."
However, it's not that simple. Blood sugar measurement has diverse objectives, including diagnosing diabetes, dosing self-injection of insulin, avoiding hypoglycemia due to excessive drug efficacy, and behavior change.
You must choose the appropriate blood sugar measurement method for your purpose.

There are two types of self-blood glucose measurement methods: SMBG (Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose), which is widely used, and CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring), which has become popular in recent years.
These two blood glucose measurement methods are designed mainly for patients who self-inject insulin and other injectable drugs.
Until now, there has been no simple and daily method for measuring blood glucose at home other than these two methods.

Some drugs, such as insulin, are very potent and can cause dangerous hypoglycemia if the dosage is incorrect.
Therefore, for example, those who use insulin must measure their blood glucose accurately before self-injection at home and carefully determine the dose.
After injection, if there are signs of hypoglycemia, it is necessary to measure blood glucose immediately. If necessary, you need to take some sugar to avoid hypoglycemia.
However, both methods have an issue with invasiveness. In addition, they cost a lot. CGM costs at least $60 and needs to be replaced every two weeks, which is also a significant economic burden. SMBG requires frequent measurements, so the total cost becomes significant when accumulated.
Unfortunately, SMBG and CGM are not suitable for everyone due to invasiveness and cost.



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